Bionova Capital announces new Scientific Advisory Board

Portuguese healthcare-focused venture capital firm welcomes a world-leading group of scientists and industry executives as Advisors.

Lisbon, Portugal – 01 June 2021 – Bionova Capital, a leading venture capital firm investing in disruptive life science companies across Europe, announced today that four international scientists and industry executives have joined its Scientific Advisory Board.

The members of this new Scientific Advisory Board bring a wealth of knowledge and experience acquired at leading roles in global Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, and will provide expert guidance to Bionova Capital as it identifies and invests in promising health companies across Europe. These members will also provide access to new investment opportunities across Europe and offer support to Bionova Capital’s portfolio companies.

Scientific Advisory Board Appointments

• José Luis Cabero, Dr Med Sc, Consultant at Symbiokraft in Spain, former Vice President, Cardiovascular and Gastrointestinal Research Area at AstraZeneca R&D in Sweden, C-level executive at several biotech companies, most recently CEO of AELIX Therapeutics in Spain.

• Kristina Beeler, PhD, Chief Business Officer at Biognosys in Switzerland, former Principal at Swiss venture capital firm Nextech Invest, Researcher at University of Zurich and University of Oxford.

• Mark Wilson, PhD, Consultant at Strategic Technology Bioconsulting in the UK, former Senior Director of technology licensing at GlaxoSmithKline and SR One (GSK’s venture capital arm).

• Riccardo Camisasca, MD, Vice President of Clinical development at Syneos Health in Portugal, former Director of the Global Clinical Development and Medical Affairs Divisions at BIAL, Group Medical Director at Takeda in UK and Novartis in Switzerland.

“We are delighted to welcome this world-class group of scientists and industry experts into our inaugural Scientific Advisory Board”, said Peter Villax, Chairman, Bionova Capital. “These renowned experts share Bionova Capital’s vision of positively impacting life-changing innovation across Europe and supporting entrepreneurs in the challenging process of bringing breakthrough life-saving medical treatments to patients in need”.

“Our new Scientific Advisory Board will expand our already-large industry network, allowing our portfolio companies to engage with Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies across the globe”, said Ricardo Perdigão Henriques, CEO, Bionova Capital. “By being experts across multiple disease areas and being located in several countries, our Advisors will grant us unique access to high-potential investment opportunities at the forefront of medical innovation across Europe”.

About Bionova Capital

Bionova Capital is a healthcare-focused venture capital firm, investing in early-stage life science companies. Founded in 2015, Bionova Capital actively manages a portfolio of six companies, three in Portugal, two in the UK, and one in Spain. Bionova Capital invests in groundbreaking therapeutics, medtech and digital health startups across Europe.

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