Birmingham, UK

Co-investor: Mercia Asset Management (UK)
A new prosthetics fitting solution for lower limbs. The INSIGHT System combines a 3D scanner, a wearable device, and an iPad application to analyse the fitting of the residual limb-socket. The purpose of the technology is to improve the efficiency of the fitting process to rapidly deliver an ultra-comfortable and uniquely-fitted prosthesis for the patient.

Braga, Portugal
Co-investorsTrust Esport (France) and EggNest(Portugal)
AI-based solution to make Esports secure and fair, allowing seamless player identification, fraud prevention, age control and fatigue tracking.

Lisbon, Portugal
Co-investor: Portugal Ventures (Portugal)
Developing novel immunotherapies, such as antibodies and cell therapies, to create safer and more effective cancer treatments.
Lisbon, Portugal
CaixaCapital (Portugal)
Developing a novel, solid hydrogen-peroxide formulation that is suitable for building simple and affordable sterilization devices for decontamination of hospitals, laboratories and other facilities.

Cardiff, Wales

Co-investors: BRAIN (Germany), Development Bank of Wales, and others
Developing a new treatment for chronic wounds, with the potential to produce an effective, practical and easy to use new method of treating patients with wounds.

Seville, Spain

Co-investors: CARB-X  (USA), Laboratorios Reig Jofré (Spain), Arquimea Group (Spain) and Botín Foundation (Spain)
Developing a new vaccine against drug-resistant bacteria.

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